Defined contribution funds

Gain efficiency and flexibility

Directly held properties tie up equity and resources which are thus not available for the core business. With us, companies can outsource their properties and transfer them to a fund. In this way, directly held property is transformed into indirectly held property. All indirect forms of property investment are feasible as fund vehicles. The investor profits from the benefits of an experienced portfolio manager, professional property market research and a local presence in the most important international property markets. To optimise the risk/return profile the assets can be supplemented by acquiring further German and foreign properties.

Advantages of the conversion from directly held properties into indirectly held properties:

  • Immediate release of equity through external financing at fund level
  • If applicable, improvement of hidden reserves
  • Reduction of organisation effort by combining individual sub-portfolios
  • No corporate or trade tax at fund level
  • Transparent and up-to-date valuation of the property assets
  • If applicable, risk diversification by supplementing the portfolio
  • Active and professional steering of the property portfolio by experts

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